Celebrities React To Whole Face Of Baby Dahlia Amélie

Here are some reactions from celebrities regarding Baby Dahlia Amélie’s whole face.

Celebrities quickly reacted to Anne Curtis’ Instagram post as she revealed the whole face of her baby daughter Baby Dahlia Amélie.

Last July 3, Anne Curtis posted a photo of her daughter on her Instagram account as she revealed the whole face of baby Dahlia Amélie.

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Anne’s Instagram post already reached over 4,000 comments and more than 839,000 likes as of this writing. Among those who commented on her post were from celebrities.

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In a comment from Nico Bolzico, he said that Anne’s genes were starting to show up, adding that Erwan’s genes were strong yet they could beat them!

Anne then replied that she saw a bit of Nico in “Tili” and said that she carried her daughter for nine months so her daughter may better start looking like her.


Solenn Heusaff also commented that her daughter was looking like her. Yet Anne responded to Solenn thinking that baby Dahlia was going to be a “perfect mix” of her and Erwan.


Other celebrities and famous personalities also commented on Anne’s post, Here are some of the comments:


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