Alexa Ilacad Receives ‘Special Delivery’ From Her ‘Best Crush’

Alexa Ilacad received a “special delivery” from her “best crush”.

Alexa Ilacad on Thursday evening got a “special delivery” from her “best crush” as she received her favorites from her favorite restaurant.

This, after Alexa posted photos on her Instagram thanking Enchong Dee for his “special delivery” service.

Alexa Ilacad
Photo: @alexailacad / Instagram

In her Instagram post, she thanked her “best crush in the world” for bringing her favorite Peri-peri Charcoal Chicken from her favorite restaurant, yet she candidly said that Enchong was her favorite.

Photo: @alexailacad / Instagram

She then admitted that she missed both charcoal chicken and Enchong, adding that she appreciated Enchong’s effort.

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Enchong responded to Alexa’s post, saying that it was his special delivery for his “very special customer”.

Enchong Dee was currently the endorser of Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and owned several franchise outlets of it.

Photo: @alexailacad / Instagram

Alexa had been vocal on social media about Enchong Dee as her crush.

She previously admitted on her YouTube channel last 2016 that Enchong was her crush. Enchong also offered Alexa to give a ride after getting poor service from Grab last 2018.

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