#10YearsOfOneDiretion Now Trending On Twitter Following One Direction’s Announcement

#10YearsOfOneDiretion now trending on Twitter

Following One Direction’s announcement about celebrating its 10th anniversary, #10YearsOfOneDiretion became one of the trending topics on Twitter.


It started when One Direction on Wednesday posted a black-and-white photo as the band was about to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

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Currently, One Direction has 30.9 million Twitter followers — and yes, they’re all excited about surprises that the band members have in store for them.

With this, the #10YearsOfOneDiretion — although the word “Direction” was misspelled in the hashtag — topped the trending list with over 130,000 tweets worldwide (and still increasing as of this writing).

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Despite that, netizens still kept on posting throwback photos and videos in celebration for the band’s 10th anniversary. Here are some of the tweets:

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As reported on Billboard, members of the said band – except Zayn Malik – had openly discussed in different interviews about their likelihood of getting back together. However, Zayn Malik had remained silent on the said matter since leaving the band last 2015.

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