Twitter Fact-checks Tweets Related To ‘5G Coronavirus’

Twitter was currently fact-checking all tweets related to “5G Coronavirus”

Twitter was currently fact-checking all tweets related to “5G” and “coronavirus” even if those tweets were not “conspiracy theories”.

This, after Facebook and YouTube already made a move — to remove conspiracy contents on respective platforms that linked “5G” to “coronavirus” — in order for its users to avoid misinformation.

Photo: Twitter (via 9to5Mac)

“Get the facts”

If you open your Twitter app and posted a tweet with keywords “5G” and “coronavirus”, COVID-19″, or “corona”, you will probably get a banner under your tweet saying “Get the facts on COVID-19“. Once the banner appeared on your tweet, you can tap the said banner in order to find some collected scientific articles about the coronavirus disease and the 5G network.

The strategy of Twitter might seem a bit aggressive as this feature could label a real related news article as fake news.

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In a report on Endgadget, this wasn’t exactly an “unexpected behavior” as the company mentioned that Twitter was still improving its algorithms in order to identify which tweets were about conspiracy theories, as such, many of them would be labeled with the said banner. As per the report, Twitter was using fact-checks more freely and may catch those who spread misinformation in its platform.

Aside from this, the company was reportedly planning to launch its in-app verification system with publicly-documented guidelines.

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