Mother Swan Dies of Sadness After Teenage Boys Smashed Her Eggs

Mother Swan Reportedly Dies Due to Broken-Heartedness After Teenagers Smashed Her Eggs

A mother swan reportedly died due to sadness after several heartless teenage boys smashed her unhatched eggs with bricks.

A Facebook user named Michael James Mason has shared a heartbreaking story on the page “All About Bolton”. The post shows a mother swan that died after some teenage guys smashed her unhatched eggs.

Mason said that the swan laid six eggs but some youths destroyed three of her eggs by throwing bricks and rocks. Only three out of the six eggs survived but a dog and a duck harassed her and destroyed another two eggs.

Mother Swan

According to the wildlife activists, leaving with one egg remaining, the male swan left the mother swan and never returned to their nest.

Unfortunately, the female swan has been found dead in her nest after all the incidents. The animal might experience great sadness and stress leading her broken-heartedness to her untimely death.

Mother Swan
Mother Swan

Here is the full post:

I really don’t want to do this post today because it comes.with great sadness. I have tried to keep you updated on this Swan who laid six eggs, three were destroyed by youths, she qas then harrased by dogs jumping in and harrased by a Duck and Moor hen and two more eggs were lost leaving her with one egg. Her mate left her on her own and sadly i was informed this morning she was found slumped in her nest dead. Just feel like crying as i have followed her progress for about 12 weeks.

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