More Modern Jeepneys, Buses Begin Traveling Roads Of Metro Manila Under GCQ

More modern jeepneys and buses began traveling the roads of Metro Manila under the general community quarantine.

With additional modern jeepneys and buses already traveling the roads of Metro Manila, commuters on Monday already had more transportation options.

This, as the additional modern jeepneys and buses traveling the roads of Metro Manila had started three weeks after Metro Manila was placed under general community quarantine (GCQ).

In a report on GMA News’ Unang Balita, commuters at the Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City were seen waiting for buses in the Litex area.

Photo from GMA News (via Twitter)

The buses — which were traveling the Angat-Quezon Avenue route — could only allow 22 passengers onboard in order to ensure social distancing inside buses. Moreover, commuters had to have their body temperature checked before boarding the buses.

However, other commuters would still prefer UV Express or old jeepneys in order to bring them to their respective destinations directly and to shorten their travel time as well. As per the report, UV Express and traditional passenger jeepneys have yet to be allowed by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) in order to go on the roads.

Moreover, there were also people spotted riding on bicycles at Commonwealth Avenue.

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Meanwhile, modern jeepneys were also allowed to resume its operations in 15 different routes starting Monday, June 22.

Photo from Isa Avedaño-Umali (via Twitter)

In a report on GMA Network’s Unang Balita, 30 modern air-conditioned jeepneys were at a terminal in Pandacan, Manila, ready to travel the Pandacan-Leon Guinto route.

Passengers then formed a line in order to board the vehicle and had to disinfect their own hands using the alcohol dispenser at the entrance upon entering the modern jeepney. Afterward, passengers may tap their reloadable cards in order to pay their fare under the modern jeepney’s automated cashless fare collection system.

Markers inside the modern jeepney were placed on the seats in order to guide passengers about the sitting arrangement in order to ensure social distancing.

Every modern jeepney could accommodate up to 24 passengers, yet only 50% capacity was allowed under the national government’s guidelines. As such, only 12 passengers could be accommodated for every unit.

Drivers inside the modern jeepney were wearing their face masks, rubber gloves, and face shields. Moreover, they were also separated with a plastic barrier from the passenger area.

As per the report, the minimum fare in the modern jeepney was PHP 11.00.

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