How Jose Sarasola and Maria Ozawa Keep Their LDR Strong

Communication: Jose Sarasola’s key in keeping LDR strong with Maria Ozawa

Pinoy chef-actor Jose Sarasola shared how he and his girlfriend Maria Ozawa keep their long-distance relationship (LDR) strong.

Maria Ozawa and Jose Sarasola
Photo Credit: Maria Ozawa/Instagram

“I think it’s really hard. I think any couple that goes through LDR would find this time really challenging since we’re not together,” he said.

It’s been two months since Maria Ozawa returned to Japan and according to Josa Sarasola, it was hard for him.

“When she left I think the first month of April was really challenging but the good thing about technology now is it’s easy to keep in touch with your loved ones abroad,” he noted.

The celebrity chef shared that communication and updating each other is the key to keep a relationship strong.

“It’s more on keeping the communication na you’re still talking pa rin to your loved one abroad,” Jose Sarasola cited

“Kasi kapag nawala yung communication dun mag-start yung mga problema, yung mga doubt, yung mga pag-iisip,” Jose stressed.

In his interview with GMA News, Jose Sarasola shared that his girlfriend Maria Ozawa is currently in Japan as the latter manages her bar since Japan did not implement lockdown despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jose Sarasola came to prominence as one of the contestants of the ABS-CBN defunct show, “Pinoy Fear Factor.”

After joining the competition, he entered the world of show business. He starred in several television shows and movies such as Alyana (2010), Guns and Roses (2011) and One More Try (2012).

Maria Ozawa, on the other hand, is not new in the limelight. She was a former Japanese adult film star.

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