Senator Koko Pimentel Shares 1st Family Photo w/ Wife, Baby Helena

1st Family Photo of Senator Koko Pimentel w/ Wife Kath & their Baby

SENATOR KOKO PIMENTEL – The Philippine Senator shared his first family photo with his wife Kathryna and their baby daughter, Helena.

One of the senators in the Philippines, Sen. Koko Pimentel, recently became a father again. His wife, Kathryna Yu-Pimentel, gave birth to a baby girl last March 2020.

During the said moments, the Senator was surrounded by issues. He was found infected with COVID-19 and his coming to the hospital with his wife who was about to give birth sparked negative reactions from the people.

On his side, Sen. Pimentel justified that it is his role as a husband to accompany his wife who was about to give birth. He requested to spare his wife from the issue and discrimination.

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Amid the criticisms and negativities, Senator Koko Pimentel and his wife Kath received their biggest blessing – their baby daughter. She tagged her as a “miracle baby”.

According to the Senator’s wife, they had an emergency C-section delivery. She was grateful to everyone who helped them during those times.

Recently, Senator Koko Pimentel had his first family photo with his wife Kath and their baby daughter, Helena. He posted it on his Instagram account.

Baby Helena is the third child of Sen. Pimentel. He has two (2) sons, Martin and Akio, from his previous marriage with his ex-wife, Jewel May Lobaton.

Both Martin and Akio are living with the Senator. Visibly, his two (2) sons have a good relationship with their stepmom.

Prior to the delivery of their baby daughter, a baby shower for Kath was organized. It had the theme of Care Bears. Here’s a photo of their family posted on Instagram:

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