Kim Chiu Reminds Followers To ‘Be Kind’ Following Death Of Hana Kimura

Kim Chiu Reminded Her Followers To “Choose To Be Kind” Following Death Of Hana Kimura.

Actress Kim Chiu reminded her followers to always choose to be kind following the death of wrestler-reality TV star Hana Kimura.

This, as Kim Chiu posted her lengthy message on her Instagram account along with a photo of a flower.

Hana Kimura, a female professional wrestler and reality television star, reportedly died last May 23 as she was reportedly found dead in her home in Japan. According to a report on, Hana Kimura faced cyberbullying attacks from her haters following her appearance in a reality show Terrace House.

Prior to her death, she tweeted a “seemingly-farewell” note to her followers along with photos of self-harm. As of this writing, her Twitter account was deactivated and no longer be found.

Nearly 100 frank opinions every day. I couldn’t deny they hurt me,” Hana Kimura said in her last tweet. “I believed these things about myself more than they did. Thank you, Mother, for the gift of life. My whole life I wanted to be loved. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love you all. I’m sorry for being weak.

Death Of Hana Kimura
Hana Kimura | Photo from Ringside News

Among Kimura’s followers who heard about the said news was Kim Chiu, who also faced backlash following her “classroom” quote. Kim Chiu on Sunday wrote a message on her Instagram account as she expressed her sadness over Kimura’s passing due to cyberbullying attacks.

In her statement, Kim Chiu said that netizens must “choose to be kind”, adding that she discussed how social media — including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — should be used in a positive way instead of using it negatively.

Photo: Kim Chiu / Instagram

Also, Kim Chiu reminded the public not to abuse their social media usage and encouraged the public to always choose kindness as “being kind can go places”.

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  1. If u don’t want to be bashed Kim do not lectured people on how they will think about the abs cbn shutdown and criticizing the government on the issues that u don’t really understand,, stop pretending that u know and understand everything just like your law of classroom.


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