Pinoy ER Nurse in New York Infected w/ Coronavirus, Family Seeks Prayers

Family of Pinoy ER Nurse Seeks for Prayers for Him Amid Coronavirus Fight

PINOY ER NURSE – The family of an emergency room nurse in a hospital in New York City is seeking prayers for him after he contracted coronavirus.

The coronavirus, a pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), has infected nearly 2 million people across the globe. The death toll has also surpassed 26,000.

Several countries across the globe are now fighting an outbreak while China, the first epicenter of the disease and the country where it was first recorded, is already recovering.

One of the countries hit-hard by COVID-19 is the United States. New York City in U.S. got a huge number of cases and many of its frontliners have also contracted the disease.

One of the frontliners who contracted coronavirus in New York City is a Pinoy ER nurse. His family is seeking for prayers for his recovery.

A classmate of the nurse’s sibling extended the prayer request of his family on social media. Based on the post of Facebook user Jacqui Pastoral-Conclara, the nurse was working hard in his duties as a medical frontliner weeks before he contracted the disease.

The nurse is a CAT Corps Commander of STA Batch 1991. He’s working in Metropolitan Hospital in New York City where he contracted the disease.

Based on the post, the Pinoy ER nurse who was infected with coronavirus is having fever. Both of his lungs have pneumonia.

May we all pray for the healing of Michael/Jojo and all the people who are infected with coronavirus. Almighty God, please touch them with Your healing hands.

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