OFW-Seafarer Complains About Quarantine Facility Due To This Reason

An OFW-seafarer has this complaint about quarantine facility

An OFW-seafarer complained about a hotel that was made as a quarantine facility for Filipinos who worked abroad after they arrived in the Philippines.

As they needed to be quarantined, several overseas Filipio workers must be housed in a facility before going home to their families. The government has assigned some locations to be quarantine facilities.

ofw-seafarer quarantine facility
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However, one of the OFWs complained about the hotel. Apparently, their situation in the quarantine facility is more than just uncomfortable. Based on the report from ABS-CBN, the place was “filthy and unhygienic” as what the seafarer described it.

The person who complained showed photos to prove that the place is not suitable to be a quarantine facility. It can be seen that there were cockroaches and garbage litter on the top of an air-conditioning unit.

Aside from this, the seafarer also complained that the bed sheets and pillowcases looked like they were not properly washed. The undesirable condition for the OFW does not end in the scenario inside the room.

The seafarer also shared a photo taken outside the hotel room and it can be seen that there were dirty rugs and a wet parking area.

Even the comfort room is not pleasing to see.

Another thing that shocked the OFW-seafarer was that they were ordered not to post photos of the quarantine facility. “Sa akin sana ok lang kung maganda yung kalagayan namin dito. Pero kung hindi naman po maganda kalagayan bakit hindi namin kailangan i-expose?… Kahit daw po sa mga kamag-anak namin wag sabihin. Paano naman po yun di ba? Paano yung mga nag-aalala para sa amin? Syempre nagtatanong din sila kung ano ba yung kinalagyan namin,” the person who complained said.

The OFW added that they, a total of 100 persons, are not demanding a high-class or five-star hotel room but all they want is to have a comfortable place where they will stay for two weeks.

What can you say about this?

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  1. He should be grateful there is a place to stay and it’s for free. The government find ways already to accommodate them despite all the BIGGER concerns it has to face.He has to make adjustments since it’s the only help he can give for what had been done for him. In the first place, It’s not like his own home where the cleanliness is expected. He has to consider himself lucky that our government is doing its best to address this and all the millions of concerns of the Filipinos. If this is news from ABS-CBN, then it is expected that small things like this is really treated BIG time.


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