North Korea Insists ‘Coronavirus-Free’

A senior health official in North Korea had insisted that the country was still COVID-19-free.

A senior health official in North Korea on Thursday had insisted that the country was still totally “coronavirus-free”.

This, despite the global tally on infected COVID-19 patients, as of this writing, already reached over 900,000 total confirmed coronavirus cases wherein 47,259 fatalities were recorded as well as 194,599 patients were already recovered from the coronavirus disease.

North Korea
Photo from AFP News

North Korea’s Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters’ anti-epidemic department director Pak Myong Su insisted that “not one single person” in North Korea has been tested positive for COVID-19 or coronavirus disease as of this writing.

However, experts stated that the North was vulnerable to the said disease due to its “weak medical system”, as well as rebels accused the North of “covering up” the COVID-19 outbreak (now a global pandemic).

United States President Donald Trump, in his a personal letter to DPRK President Kim Jong Un, also stated that the North was “going through something”, offering him “cooperation” in his “anti-epidemic work”.

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