Meet Lance Centeno, The Partner of Via Gonzales on Scandal Video

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Lance Centeno, The Guy on Via Gonzales Scandal Video

LANCE CENTENO & VIA GONZALES SCANDAL – Meet Lance Centeno, the alleged guy in the private video of the TikTok sensation Via Gonzales.

The controversial video of the famous social media influencer Via Gonzales is currently circulating in different social media platforms and online websites. The video elicits reactions from the public.

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The lady influencer asked the public to stop spreading the first controversial video of her intimate moment together with her ex-boyfriend. The controversial footage reportedly leaked online after their breakup.

Lance Centeno
Lance Centeno
Lance Centeno

Recently, Via Gonzales becomes one of the most trending topics on Twitter after the allegedly “Part 2” of her scandal video circulates online. The netizens also revealed the identity of her ex-boyfriend.

Lance Centeno

The social media users on Twitter identified the guy on the viral video as Lance Centeno. The guy earned distasteful remarks and insults from the online community for allegedly spreading the video.

Lance Centeno

Centeno also defended himself and explained that someone used his drive and posted her private video on social media.

The online community also expressed their reactions to the issue:

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