KFC In China Might Follow McDonald’s Strategy, To Launch ‘Tech Product’

KFC will launch its “tech product” in China as the fast-food company posted a teaser poster on Weibo.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) officially announced that the fast-food company will launch its green-colored “tech product”.

This, as the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) posted a poster on its official Weibo account, announcing its upcoming “tech product” in China. Unlike McDonald’s, KFC didn’t put the launch date on its poster.

KFC China
Photo from Gizmochina

Based on the teaser photo, it was uncertain if the fast-food company will introduce a “tech product” that was attached to an unusual green basket, a green-and-white car that was blurred out at the back, or a matcha-flavored fried chicken placed inside a green basket.

The said move from the fast-food company came after McDonalds revealed its “5G smart product” in China, which turned out to be a fried chicken inside a black box.

What can you say about this teaser poster? Just feel free to leave your reactions in the comment section.

KFC China

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