KFC In China Might Follow McDonald’s Strategy, To Launch ‘Tech Product’

KFC China

KFC will launch its “tech product” in China as the fast-food company posted a teaser poster on Weibo. The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) officially announced that the fast-food company will launch its green-colored “tech product”. This, as the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) posted a poster on its official Weibo account, announcing its upcoming “tech product” … Read more

McDonald’s 5G ‘Smart Product’ Now Available In China

McDonald’s 5G

McDonald’s officially launched its 5G “smart product” in China — and it’s not what you have expected! McDonald’s joined the hype as the company officially launched its 5G “smart product” in China last April 15, 2020. However, McDonald’s didn’t launch its 5G smartphone, instead, the company launched its new fried chicken. See poster below. The … Read more

McDonald’s To Launch 5G ‘Smart Product’ In China On April 15

McDonald’s 5G

McDonald’s was about to launch its 5G ‘Smart Product’ on April 15 in China. McDonald’s released an announcement as the company was about to launch its upcoming 5G “smart product” on April 15, 2020, in China. This, as McDonald’s announced on its official WeChat public account as the fast food company posted a photo with … Read more