Redditor Shares Before-And-During-Quarantine Photos Of Metro Manila

Redditor’s photos went viral after sharing before-and-during-quarantine photos of Metro Manila via Reddit.

A certain post caught the attention of the netizens in the Reddit community when a Redditor posted before-and-during-quarantine photos of Metro Manila.

This, as u/ironicallymacaroni, a Redditor from r/Philippines posted before-and-during-quarantine photos of towers in Metro Manila. In a reddit post, the uploader took photos from the window.

Redditor went viral after posting before-and-during-quarantine photos of Metro Manila via Reddit. Photo from u/ironicallymacaroni

The top photo was taken before enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila took into effect. On the other hand, the photo on the lower part was taken during the enhanced community quarantine.

Redditors in the community noticed that the view has changed since the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon was implemented. Yet, others missed the “sweet air pollution” in the place.

Here are some of the comments from the said thread:

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