PNP Acquires Helicopters, New Equipment Worth Almost PHP 3 Billion

PNP acquired helicopters, pickup trucks, and other new equipment worth almost PHP 3 billion in total.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Monday has acquired additional helicopters and other equipment worth almost PHP 3 billion.

This, in order for the police force to further boost its firepower and mobility assets. PNP chief Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa on Monday said during the presentation of the newly-procured assets at the PNP Grandstand in Camp Crame that the acquisition of additional helicopters and new equipment was part of the modernization of the country’s police force.

Photo by Lloyd Caliwan/PNA

Two single-engine turbine helicopters worth PHP 225 million were added to PNP’s assets. The police force now has a total of seven (7) helicopters, yet Gamboa added that he was eyeing for the purchase of three additional helicopters before he retired as PNP chief.

Aside from helicopters, the police force also acquired other assets, including 37 units of medium troop carriers worth PHP 3.1 million each and 12 pickup trucks worth PHP 1.6 million each. The trucks, according to Gamboa, would be utilized by the Special Action Force (SAF).

Also, the police force acquired new equipment ⁠— 501 units of combat helmets worth PHP 32 million, firearms, bomb equipment, and a lot more. Gamboa stated that all equipment went under strict testing in order to see if all parameters were complied with, assuring that all equipment underwent “open competitive bidding” and “rigorous testing” as well.

In addition, Gamboa said that the newly acquired equipment would also be used for the campaign against terrorism, criminality, and illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, PNP assured that the procurement of body cameras would be realized soon as its systems were under being tested. After the said testing, a total of over 2,800 units of body cameras would be procured.

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