Paolo Duterte Sorry for Son’s Shopping Amid Quarantine, Netizens React

Paolo Duterte says sorry

Paolo Duterte apologized for his son’s shopping at S&R while in quarantine but netizens slam the Congressman’s sorry.

Several prominent people have been under self-quarantine, especially those who had trips abroad or had contracted with those who already tested positive for novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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Just recently, three Senators already tested positive – Migz Zubiri, Koko Pimentel, and Sonny Angara. However, Pimentel received a massive amount of bashing from the online community when it was known that he broke the quarantine protocol.

The lawmaker was still spotted at various events when he was supposed to be in quarantine. Shopping depot S&R confirmed that Pimentel was seen shopping at the time of his quarantine. Because of this, staff members of the store are now in quarantine.

Apparently, Sen. Pimentel was not the only person who is supposed to be in quarantine but was spotted in S&R. Just recently Congressman Paolo Duterte admitted that his son Omar Duterte shopped also in the shopping depot’s branch in Davao while in quarantine.

In line with this, Cong. Duterte apologized through his Instagram post. “I am very sorry,” the photo text stated. In the caption, the presidential son said that it came to his attention that his son Omar Duterte went to S&R Davao.

The son of the congressman “did not line up to conduct the stringent screening requirement of the establishment.”Paolo Duterte called the incident “unfortunate” amid the health emergency.

paolo duterte post
screenshot of PaoloDuterte’s post / via FP

Because of this, netizens slam the presidential son. Here are some of the comments from a popular showbiz site.

“Entitled Brats”

“Rich and privileged people, please stop giving us commoners the virus!”

“You’re only sorry cos you got caught”

“That’s too common in pinas. Those in power think they can do whatever they want to do. Palakasan galore.”

What can you say about this?

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