Lisa Of BLACKPINK To Release Limited Edition Film Camera Photobook

Lisa of BLACKPINK will release her limited edition film camera photobook for her upcoming birthday.

Lisa, one of the members of a Korean pop group BLACKPINK, will be gifting fans with her limited edition photobook for her upcoming birthday.

This, as Lisa (also known as Lalisa Manoban as her real name) was about to release her limited edition film camera photobook “0327”. The title itself was derived from her birth date, which was March 27.

Her photobook will contain photos of Lisa and other BLACKPINK members that were taken using a film camera. Lisa captured her special moments in life — including behind-the-scenes during her official photoshoots, fashion shows, concerts, as well as scenery, ordinary objects, and a lot more.

0327 | Photo from Lisa of BLACKPINK

Aside from being a photographer for her own photobook, she was also a creator and curator for the photobook itself. Three hundred and twenty-seven (327) special copies of her photobook will also contain her hand-drawn signature and a limited edition numbering as well.

Lisa’s “0327” will be available on March 27 this year.

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