Lee Chi Hoon Reportedly Dead At 32

“Ulzzang Generation” member and broadcast jockey Lee Chi Hoon Died At The Age Of 32.

Lee Chi Hoon, an “Ulzzang Generation” member and broadcast jockey, reportedly died due to acute septicemia (blood poisoning).

This, as SpoTVNews reported the tragic news about Lee Chi Hoon’s passing. It was reported that he had been suffering from lymphadenitis (inflamed and enlarged lymph nodes) and fatigue for a few days, adding that he was reportedly tested for the coronavirus disease or COVID-19 because of his high fever and the test came out “negative”.

Lee Chi Hoon
Photo from Soompi

Lee Chi Hoon was then hospitalized in the intensive care unit as his condition became worse. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to survive in the hospital.

He previously appeared on televisions, including the “Ulzzang Generation” and “Flower Boy Corporation”. He also went on to be a broadcast jockey on AfreecaTV.

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