DOH Urges Public To Submit Questions About Community Quarantine

DOH encouraged the public to submit their questions related to the community quarantine.

The Department of Health (DOH) on Friday encouraged the public to submit their questions related to the community quarantine through its link.


This, after President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night announced in a press conference the implementation of community quarantine within Metro Manila due to COVID-19. The Department of Health posted an online form in order for the refine the detailed guidelines of the community quarantine.

DOH encouraged the public to send their questions to and the department will address these questions in today’s Interagency Task Force Meeting. Inside the link provided, netizens will provide two questions as well as their comments about the implementation of community quarantine.

You can visit DOH’s form by clicking this link. You need to log-in to your Google account before filling up the form.

Photo from DOH

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2 thoughts on “DOH Urges Public To Submit Questions About Community Quarantine”

  1. How about the people from Rizal, specifically from San Mateo and Montalban. Since we are a neighbor province and not part of the lockdown and our access outside to get to the North is passing thru Metro Manila. Are we also restricted from leaving thru NLEX?

  2. Construction worker po kame since na meron company id, manggagaling kame pampanga panu transportation makakapasom ba sa terminal mga provincial bus na may sakay galing province namin para maka trabaho sa manila


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