Mayon ‘Eruptive Activity’ May Follow ‘Crater Glow’, Says PHIVOLCS

A “crater glow” was observed at Mayon Volcano could be a sign of an eruptive activity, said PHIVOLCS Director Renato Solidum.

The crater of Mayon Volcano could have glowed in the last two days because magma or a charge of molten rocks rose towards Mayon’s crater. Solidum said that the magma was usually solidified, yet, the magma will glow if a volcano was about to have an eruptive activity.

Photo from PHIVOLCS

Solidum added that they were observing whether or not the volcano has a new activity.

The Mayon Volcano was still under Alert Level 2, which means, according to PHIVOLCS, any person cannot enter within Mayon’s 6-kilometer radius due to its “moderate level of unrest”.

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