Male Student Rejected by Crush During Proposal in Public (Video)

Video of Male Student Rejected by Crush During Proposal Elicits Comments Online

The video footage of a male student rejected by his crush while making a proposal in public goes viral and garnered various reactions on social media.

Nowadays, most guys are making efforts and great preparations before proposing to their crushes. Boys usually bring flowers, chocolates, stuff toys, foods, and other gifts for their special someone.

Most proposals are successful due to the effort guys for their girls. Unfortunately, not all proposals go with what guys have planned, some of them failed if the girl doesn’t really like them.

Male Student

Recently, the Facebook page “Limits Gaming” has shared the video footage of a male student rejected by his crush. The video footage earned various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the guy spends money and exert effort to prepare his proposal. The male student connived with other students holding placards with words written: “Will You Be my Girlfriend”.

Male Student

The romantic scene draws cheers and screams from the audiences. However, the young lady rejected the romantic guy and walked away from the scene.

The video has a caption of:


The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

Male Student

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