Huawei AppGallery – An Alternative To Google Play Store

Huawei launched AppGallery at the Huawei event in Barcelona, Spain.

Huawei officially launched Huawei AppGallery at the Huawei event in Barcelona, Spain. Check out AppGallery’s features below.


Following the removal of Google’s services to Huawei’s new devices as part of the US Huawei ban, including the Google Play Store, Huawei made its own platform as an alternative to Google Play Store. Here are some of its features:

Huawei Quick App

This app enables users to run applications on Huawei smartphones without installing the full APK pack.

Device Virtualization Kit

This app allows developers to facilitate their adaptation of their apps to Huawei devices. The Device Virtualization Kit includes camera kit, virtualization kit, gaming kit, share kit, scan&security kit, machine learning kit, location kit, and a lot more.

App Selection

This app enables users to match their favorite apps to their own lifestyle and location. Also, this app will bring users to the “trendiest of apps”.

Safety Features

This app has a 360° Protection in order to secure their apps on their Huawei smartphones. Also, this app has Parental Control where parents have the option to apply app restrictions such as Rated 18+.

For more features about this app, you can visit Huawei’s site. You can view other products by clicking the link below:

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