Chinese Boy With Disability Dies While Father In Quarantine

The Hongan county government revealed that a Chinese boy died on January 29, announcing that his cause of death had yet to be confirmed. He was Yan Cheng.

In a statement, the county government said that Yan Xiaowen, the father of a Chinese boy, was unable to take care of his child because he was taken into quarantined. The county government added that Yan Cheng’s father entrusted his relatives, village cadres, and village doctors to take care of his son.

Chinese Boy
Photo from AFP News

This, as Yan Cheng, a 17-year-old Chinese Boy who was confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, was abandoned in their home while his father, Yan Xiaowen, was isolated because of his fever. His father was then taken into quarantine last January 22 and was diagnosed with a 2019 novel coronavirus.

Yan Xiaowen posted his plea for help on social media, calling for someone to take care of his son; yet his post, “An appeal for help from a father diagnosed with novel coronavirus”, came too late.

The tragic news of Yan Xiaowen’s son sparked an outpouring of rage and grief on social media. The hashtag, “The father of Hubei’s cerebral palsy victim speaks out”, on Tuesday morning had been read 270 million times on Weibo.

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