Basil Valdez Reveals He Once Swallowed Insect While Performing w/ Ryan Cayabyab

Pinoy Singer Basil Valdez Reveals He Once Swallowed Insect During Performing Together w/ Ryan Cayabyab

The Filipino balladeer Basil Valdez revealed that he once swallowed an insect while performing with fellow artist Ryan Cayabyab.

National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab and Basil Valdez celebrate their 50th anniversary in the music industry this 2020. The two recalled and reminisced their previous performances and memorable gigs together.

Cayabyab who is also known as Mr. C narrated how Valdez choked while singing during their gig in an open-air bar. Mr. C was playing piano at that time when he thought that Valdez swallowed a mosquito.

Basil Valdez

However, Valdez corrected his long-time friend Cayabyab that it was a moth and not a mosquito. The singer said that the moth entered his mouth and decided to swallow it so he could continue singing his lines.

“When it entered my mouth, nilunok ko na lang kasi I need to continue singing. Kapag ang lines kailangan, tuloy lang. Pagkalunok ko saka ako tumingin kay Ryan, Di ko masabi na gamu-gamo nalunok ko,” Valdez said.

Basil Valdez

Mr. C and Valdez have started their friendship in the 1970’s and performed countless gigs and concerts. Valdez also said that most of his signature songs were Cayabyab’s compositions.

Basil Valdez

The 68-year-old singer revealed that he is not used to reading teleprompters and using a wireless microphone during the performance.

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