Sharon Cuneta Experiences Bad Things: ‘Inaatake na ako ng demonyo’

Sharon Cuneta revealed that since the start of 2020, she already experienced several bad things

Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed the bad things that she experienced since the start of 2020 and she said, “Inaatake na ako ng demonyo.”

Sharon recently shared on her Instagram account an incident that happened before she appeared on the show of signer Odette Quesada. Mega revealed that she slipped in their bathroom just before taking a shower.

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That was on Saturday and she intended to do a soundcheck that day for the show. “I don’t know how it happened, but it was probably some soap residue that suddenly made me slip, and sa pagdulas at paupo ko,” the Megastar shared.

Her head hit the marble seat attached to the wall in their bathroom. She screamed “Daddy!” and immediately her husband Senato Kiko Pangilinan ran to her. “Sabi ko mula nung pumasok ang 2020 inaatake na ako ng demonyo. Halos araw-araw may nangyayari,” the singer-actress shared.

Sharon Cuneta also revealed that there were two people who deceived her. “Naloko ako ng 2 pinagtitiwalaan at minahal ko na kung kanino pati buhay ko pinagkatiwala ko,” she said. However, she refused to reveal further details of this bad thing that happened to her.

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Despite the accident she suffered at home, Sharon chose to appear on the show of Odette. However, an ice bag was placed on the back of her head until she arrived at the venue. There was medical personnel on standby at that time.

“I said while Kiko held me up na mahigpit ang kapit ko sa kanya na nanginginig pa, ‘I am not letting the devil take away any more joy from me,'” Sharon said.

After the show, she went to St. Luke’s and had a CT Scan. It was found out that she had a top layer fracture that can heal itself. She asked her fans to pray for her. “The devil can do cartwheels until it’s winter in hell but nope – I AM NOT LETTING HIM WIN,” he stressed out.

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