BREAKING NEWS: Japan Confirms Another Case of Novel Coronavirus

Another Case of Novel Coronavirus Recorded in Japan

JAPAN – Another case of the novel coronavirus, a disease that is now rampant in China, was recorded in the country.

Currently, several countries are strengthening the in-and-out in their ports as a mysterious disease in China affects hundreds of individuals now. The said disease is the novel coronavirus.

The said disease was initially recorded in Wuhan City in China. Reportedly, its symptoms are similar to flu which may include fever and cough.

Hundreds of Chinese people now are suffering from novel coronavirus and it has already taken more than 15 lives. The transportation from Wuhan City has already been cancelled to stop the spread of the disease.


However, prior to the haulting of the transportation from Wuhan City, several people from the city have already traveled to other countries. Some cases of novel coronavirus have been recorded in other nations as well including Japan.

The Japanese authorities previously reported the first case of the novel coronavirus in their country. Recently, another case was added on the list.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Japan confirmed another case of novel coronavirus in a man who came from China. According to the health ministry of the country, the 40-year-old patient is a resident of Wuhan City who flew to country in January 19.

The patient admitted that he was suffering from fever for several days before his flight. Based on the report, when he arrived in the country, his condition stabilized until in January 22 when he had a fever again.

Currently, the patient is in a hospital in Tokyo and is receiving treatment according to the ministry. He denied visiting the market in Wuhan which is suspected as the source of the novel coronavirus. Also, he stressed that he was wearing a medical mask when he was traveling.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 20 million people in China are currently under a quarantine amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Flights from Wuhan City are now suspended.

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