Hilarious Photo Of Justin Bieber Goes Viral

Before announcing his current situation, Justin Bieber posted a hilarious photo of himself falling off a unicycle and went viral on social media.

Hilarious Photo

Justin Bieber posted a hilarious photo of himself falling off a unicycle in his Instagram account. Even his wife, Hailey, commented on the said photo, saying that this was her favorite photo.

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He then became obsessed with his photo. With this, he posted a bunch of memes on his Instagram account.

Here are some of the memes that he generated out of his hilarious photo. Have a look!

Fell off a unicycle? Nah, maybe aliens want him to be with them.

Or maybe he wanted to dive higher.

Or maybe he wanted to smash John Cena in a wrestling match.

Or maybe he wanted to join the race along with other runners.

Or maybe someone wanted to get Justin out of this claw machine.

Some netizens started to worry about his memes in his Instagram account. While others were enjoying his memes, some might think that someone hacked his account.

Justin Bieber recently released his single “Yummy”, which was included in his upcoming album.

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