Dog Helping Young Owner Earn Money For Family & School Goes Viral

Viral Dog Helps Young Owner Earn Money

DOG – A video of a dog who is helping his owner earn money for his family and school expenses went viral on social media.

Among the many animals that we can ever find, dogs are known to be the best friends of man. Undeniably, they can establish a deep connection with their owners compared to other animals.

Dogs visibly got emotions too that is why they can really make a connection with their owners. Most people who love dogs do not consider them as pets but as families.

This type of animal is known as a wonderful and faithful companion. They do not only guard the house but as well as their loved ones when they are outdoors. There were also several cases when dogs saved lives from burning houses.

Aside from protecting their loved ones, dogs can actually help in making a living. On Facebook, a video of a dog who is helping his young owner earn money went viral.

Photo: South China Morning Post

Based on the post of South China Morning Post, Aquino Redeloza, 18 years old, is proud of his dog “Blackjack”. He helps him earn money for his family and his school expenses.

Aquino and his family live in Baseco, Port Area in Manila. According to the young man, to earn money, he and Blackjack perform a show.

The money they earn is used to support his family and as well as in reaching his dream of finishing his studies. He wants to graduate so it would not be hard for him in the future.

Based on the video, the dog does not only dance but as well as count. According to Aquino, their least income in a day is Php 300.00. They can make as much as Php 600.00 in one day usually on Thursdays and Fridays.

The young owner stressed that his father cannot work anymore as he is 74 years old. His mother has already left them.

According to Aquino, he met Blackjack as he was lying on the ground under the motorcycle of his brother. It was all by chance that they met. The dog was 8 months old when he started learning some tricks. It took him two (2) years.

The young man treats Blackjack as his best friend and brother. He wanted to be a veterinary surgeon when he grows up. Here’s the video in courtesy of South China Morning Post.

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