Lady Online Seller Uses P5k Savings as Capital for Humble Business

Lady Online Seller

Lady Online Seller Grows Small Business After Using Her P5, 000 Savings as Capital INPIRING STORY – A lady online seller used her P5, 000 hard-earned savings as capital for her humble business. A lady netizen has shared an inspiring story of how her small and humble business grow. She started the business during the … Read more

Brave Security Guard Passes Away After Protecting Store From Criminals

Brave Security Guard

Netizens Expressed Condolences Towards Brave Security Guard Who Died After Protecting Store From Criminals A brave security guard passed away after protecting the store from the criminals who tried to rob the establishment. A Facebook user named Samuel Cabides Saaz reported that a brave security guard died after fighting the criminals just to protect the … Read more

Witty Customer Swaps Old Slippers to New One Inside Store

Witty Customer

Witty Customer Took New Pair of Slippers Inside Store & Replaced It w/ Old One A witty customer swapped its old pair of slippers to a new one inside of a store and displayed it together with other slippers. Slippers are light footwear, which are easy to wear particularly at home. It is usually worn … Read more

Young Boy Shows Impressive Beatboxing Skills Inside Store (Video)

Young Boy

Video of Young Boy Showing Impressive Beatboxing Skills Inside Store Goes Viral The video footage of a young boy showing his impressive beatboxing skills inside of a store goes viral and earned praise online. Nowadays, Filipinos are the most popular people not only in Asia but also in different countries all around the world. Filipino … Read more