Sheena Halili Surprises Husband On Their 3rd Anniversary

Sheena Halili

Sheena Halili surprised her husband on their 3rd anniversary. Sheena Halili surprised Jeron Manzanero with a romantic setup at home as they celebrated their 3rd anniversary last Friday. According to Jeron, he and his wife both agreed that they will celebrate their wedding anniversary every February 23 of the year. As he’s coming back to … Read more

LG Electronics Introduces New Camera Setup For Upcoming Smartphone

LG Electronics

Introducing the “Raindrop” Camera Setup from LG Electronics LG Electronics recently presented its innovative rear camera setup that will be present on its future smartphone release. This, as LG posted photos on its website, showing the front and rear view of its upcoming smartphone. As described, the front view would have a 3D Arc Design, … Read more