RR Enriquez Comments on Allegations That BINI is ‘Feeling Famous’

RR Enriquez

Is BINI ‘Feeling Famous’? RR Enriquez Reacts RR ENRIQUEZ – The “Sawsawera Queen” shared her thoughts on the allegations that the all-girl group BINI is ‘feeling famous.’ Enriquez does not personally know the group but mentioned that her nieces are fans of BINI’s songs, especially “Pantropiko.” She clarified that wearing face masks does not necessarily … Read more

RR Enriquez Admits Taking Boyfriend Jayjay Helterbrand from Another Woman

RR Enriquez

RR Enriquez has made a confession about her boyfriend, Jayjay Helterbrand RR ENRIQUEZ – The former Wowowee dancer admitted that she only took her boyfriend, Jayjay Helterbrand, from another woman. During a June 5, 2024, interview with Boy Abunda, RR revealed her protective nature towards her boyfriend, describing Jayjay as a womanizer. Following her confession, … Read more

RR Enriquez Reveals How Love Story W/ Jayjay Helterbrand Began

RR Enriquez, Jayjay Helterbrand 1

RR Enriquez Shares Beginning of her Relationship W/ Basketball Player Jayjay Helterbrand RR ENRIQUEZ – Former dancer RR Enriquez revealed how her relationship with Jayjay Helterbrand started. Many were taken aback by RR Enriquez’s disclosure about how her relationship with her now-husband, Jayjay Helterbrand, began. In an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” RR … Read more

RR Enriquez Reacts to Criticism of Her Defense of Chocolate Hills Resort

RR Enriquez

RR Enriquez Engages with Commenters on Her Post About Resort in Chocolate Hills RR ENRIQUEZ – The former television personality responded to negative comments on her post in which she defended the controversial resort in Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort faced backlash after it was discovered operating without necessary permits … Read more

Chocolate Hills Resort Defended by RR Enriquez

Chocolate Hills and RR Enriquez

The Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort, situated within the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, was defended by former television personality RR Enriquez. On Instagram, the former television personality stated that she doesn’t see anything wrong if a resort is built within the premises of the heritage site.

RR Enriquez Defends Resort in Chocolate Hills

RR Enriquez

RR Enriquez on the resort in Chocolate Hills: “I don’t see anything wrong” RR ENRIQUEZ – The self-proclaimed “Sawsawera Queen” defended the resort constructed within the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. On Instagram, the former television personality expressed her support for constructing a resort in the UNESCO Heritage Site, believing it could boost tourism. She mentioned … Read more

RR Enriquez Reacts to Herlene Budol’s Pajama Photos at her Grandmother’s Grave

RR Enriquez and Herlene Budol

Here’s the reaction of RR Enriquez to the viral post of Herlene Budol RR ENRIQUEZ – The Sawsawera Queen reacted to the viral post of Herlene Budol wherein she can be seen wearing pajamas while at her grandmother’s grave. Herlene, also known as “Hipon Girl,” became well-known after appearing on Wowowin’s Willie of Fortune segment. … Read more