Lolit Solis Expresses Her Sympathy for Paolo Contis

Paolo Contis

Paolo Contis earns the sympathy of Lolit Solis LOLIT SOLIS – The talent manager expressed her sympathy for Paolo Contis, who has been continuously criticized by netizens. On Instagram, she shared a photo of herself with Paolo and discussed the actor’s current struggles due to public scrutiny. Solis noted that she feels sorry for Paolo, … Read more

Paolo Contis Gives Cellphone to Lolit Solis: “Mukhang maganda ngayon ang financial standing niya”

Paolo Contis and Lolit Solis

Lolit Solis Receives a Cellphone from Paolo Contis LOLIT SOLIS – The talent manager took to social media to share her immense joy after receiving a cellphone from Paolo Contis. Paolo demonstrated his gratitude towards his talent manager by promptly fulfilling her Christmas wish. In an Instagram post, Lolit expressed her happiness for Paolo, acknowledging … Read more