Sarah Geronimo Gets Asked About Secret Wedding, Here’s Her Reply

Sarah geronimo gets asked about secret wedding

This is the reply of Sarah Geronimo when asked about her secret wedding with Matteo Guidicelli Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo gets asked about her secret wedding with actor-singer Matteo Guidicelli and here’s her reply. The said union of the long-time couple happened on February 20, 2020, Thursday night at BGC in Taguig. Earlier that day, … Read more

Sarah Geronimo Breakdown Recalled, Mommy Divine Was The Reason?

sarah geronimo breakdown mommy divine

Is Mommy Divine the reason behind the breakdown of Sarah Geronimo? How true is it that Mommy Divine Geronimo is the reason behind the breakdown of her daughter Sarah Geronimo during her concert in Las Vegas? Amid the controversial civil wedding of Sarah with now-husband Matteo Guidicelli, several past issues resurfaced on social media. One … Read more

AshMatt Sweet Videos resurface after Sarah-Matteo Wedding Confirmation

ashmatt sweet videos

Following the Sarah-Matteo wedding confirmation, AshMatt sweet videos resurfaced AshMatt Sweet Videos – On February 21, it was confirmed that the civil wedding of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli happened on the night of February 20 and their sweet videos resurfaced online. Sarah and Matteo are not like other celebrity couples when it comes to … Read more

Matteo Guidicelli Faces Complaint For Punching Man During Civil Wedding


A close-in security detail of Sarah Geronimo filed a complaint against Matteo Guidicelli. Sarah Geronimo’s close-in security detail has filed a complaint against Matteo Guidicelli for punching him during the civil wedding. This, after a police report stated that Matteo Guidicelli on Thursday night confronted Jerry Tamara, Sarah Geronimo’s close-in security detail, accusing him of … Read more