Edu Manzano Reacts To Charges Filed against Son Luis

Edu Manzano, Luis Manzano

Edu Manzano Asked about the Legal Battle Involving Son Luis Manzano EDU MANZANO – The actor was asked about his reaction to the charges filed against his son, TV host Luis Manzano. One of the downsides in living a celebrity life is that certain issues may be publicized and can taint a person’s reputation even … Read more

Edu Manzano Reacts to Legal Battle of Son Luis Manzano

Edu Manzano and Luis Manzano

Here’s the reaction of Edu Manzano on legal battle of son Luis Manzano EDU MANZANO – The veteran actor reacted to the legal battle of his son Luis Manzano. It was on February 7, 2023 when the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) issued a subpoena against the television host. The schedule of Luis’s appearance before … Read more

Jessy Mendiola Shares Story Of Isabella Rose’s Arrival

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano

Jessy Mendiola: “December 28 ang birthday ni Peanut.” JESSY MENDIOLA – The actress recently shared the story about the birth of her first child, Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano. Jessy released a vlog titled “THE BIRTH OF ISABELLA ROSE TAWILE MANZANO” on her YouTube channel last February 5, 2023. In the said vlog, she revealed that … Read more

Luis Manzano Slams Basher Over “Ni Reveal Din Dami Png Paarte” Comment

Luis Manzano

Here’s the response of Luis Manzano to basher criticizing their baby reveal LUIS MANZANO – The actor-television host slammed a basher commenting about her baby Rosie. It was just recently when Luis and his wife Jessy Mendiola finally revealed the full face of their first baby, Isabella Rose “Rosie” Tawille Manzano. The two took to … Read more

Jessy Mendiola, Luis Manzano Finally Reveal Face of Baby Rosie

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano

Take a look at Baby Rosie, the daughter of Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano JESSY MENDIOLA and LUIS MANZANO – The showbiz couple has finally revealed the face of their baby, Isabella Rose Tawille Manzano. After weeks of waiting, Luis and Jessy finally showed the full face of Baby Rosie (Isabella’s nickname) as she turned … Read more

Luis Manzano Has This Response to Netizen Criticizing his Daughter

Luis Manzano

Here’s the response of Luis Manzano to netizen criticizing his daughter LUIS MANZANO – The actor responded to a netizen criticizing his daughter Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano. It was on Sunday, January 8, 2023 when Luis took to social networking site, Facebook wherein he posted a photo of himself along with his daughter, baby Peanut. … Read more