JOVELYN GALLENO CASE – Forensic Pathologist Gives Opinion on “Remains” of Missing Lady

Raquel Fortun and Jovelyn Galleno

Latest Update on Jovelyn Galleno Case DR. RAQUEL FORTUN – The forensic pathologist gave her opinion on the alleged remains of Jovelyn Galleno found earlier in Palawan. It was just recently when the alleged remains of Galleno, the woman who went missing in Palawan after entering Robinsons Mall, were found. The alleged remains of Galleno were … Read more

JOVELYN GALLENO UPDATE – “Remains” of Missing Lady Found

Jovelyn Galleno

Latest Update on the Case of Jovelyn Galleno JOVELYN GALLENO UPDATE – The alleged remains of the working student from Palawan who went missing in the past few weeks were found. The 22-year-old graduating student taking up B.S. Criminology has been making a buzz in the past few days after she went missing upon entering Robinsons … Read more