Pampanga Indigenous Aeta Group Experienced Discrimination for Eating ‘Bats’

Indigenous Aeta Group

Indigenous Aeta Group in Pampanga Experienced Discrimination for Eating ‘Bats’ Amid Health Crisis Pampanga indigenous Aeta group “Mag-Indi” experienced discrimination for eating bats amid COVID-19 pandemic. University of the Philippines and the United Nations Economic, Social, and Cultural Organization’s study causes challenge to the indigenous group in Porac, Pampanga over bat diet. The Kapampangans were allegedly … Read more

PNP Chief Sinas Says Christmas Parties Prohibited Within Police Force

PNP Chief Sinas

PNP Chief Sinas Prohibits Christmas Parties Within Police Force Philippine National Police PNP Chief Sinas announced that Christmas parties are strictly prohibited within the police force. On Wednesday (November 25, 2020), PNP chief Police General Debold Sinas banned the Christmas parties within the agency. The announcement of Sinas is in line with the national government’s … Read more