Diwata Called ‘Dugyot’ by Mystica

Diwata and Mystica

Pares vendor-turned-social media personality Diwata received criticism from former singer-actress Mystica. In a Facebook video, Mystica slammed Diwata, calling the latter “dugyot,” and expressed strong words about his paresan or his food business.

Mystica Slams Diwata, Calls Pares Vendor ‘Dugyot’


Mystica has a furious message for Diwata MYSTICA – The former singer-actress expressed her disappointment with how Diwata interacts with his fans and manages his business. In a Facebook post, Mystica, who is now living in the United States, criticized Diwata for seeming uninterested in engaging with his customers. However, Mystica observed that Diwata was … Read more