Ellen Adarna Admits to Asking Someone to Cast a Spell on Another Person but Did Not Pursue it

Ellen Adarna

In an Instagram Q&A, Ellen Adarna made a candid confession about “kulam” ELLEN ADARNA – The wife of Derek Ramsay recently made a candid confession on her Instagram Stories, admitting that she had once entertained the idea of hiring someone to cast a spell on another person. This revelation emerged during an Instagram Q&A session … Read more

Richard Juan Reacts to Derek Ramsay’s Displaying of PH Flag: “Unwelcoming!”

Richard Juan and Derek Ramsay

Richard Juan: “It’s the unwelcoming actions like this that makes us Chinoys feel like we STILL don’t belong here” RICHARD JUAN – The Filipino-Chinese television personality responded to Derek Ramsay’s putting up a Philippine flag while a Chinese sign is displayed outside their neighbor’s house. It was just recently when Ellen Adarna took to social … Read more

JOANNE VILLABLANCA – Ex-Girlfriend of Derek Ramsay is Now Engaged

Joanne Villablanca

Derek Ramsay’s ex-girlfriend Joanne Villablanca is now engaged JOANNE VILLABLANCA – The ex-girlfriend of Derek Ramsay is now engaged. The health, wellness, and fitness enthusiast is now engaged to her non-showbiz boyfriend Gage Veridiano. Gage is a professional diver and scuba instructor. In an Instagram post on October 12, 2022, Joanne shared a photo of … Read more