Anne Heche Dead, Spokesperson Gives Statement

Anne Heche Dead

Spokeswoman of Anne Heche Confirms She’s Dead ANNE HECHE DEAD – Holly Baird, the spokesperson of Hollywood actress Anne Heche, gave a statement regarding the star. A few days ago, it was reported that Hollywood actress Anne Heche, 53, got involved in an accident in the Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles. Her car hit … Read more

Anne Heche Died at 53, Family Takes Off Life Support

Anne Heche Died

ANNE HECHE DIED – The family of Hollywood actress Anne Heche took her off life support after she was brain dead following an accident. Donnie Brasco actress Anne Heche had spent several days in the hospital following an accident when her car hit a two-storey house in Los Angeles. She was in a comatose state … Read more

Anne Heche Legally Dead, Spokeswoman Confirms

Anne Heche Legally Dead

Anne Heche Legally Dead after Car Crash in L.A. ANNE HECHE LEGALLY DEAD – The Hollywood actress’ spokeswoman, Holly Baird, confirmed that Heche is legally dead now. Last August 5, Hollywood actress Anne Heche was rushed to the hospital following a fiery collision when her car hit a two-storey neighborhood in the Mar Vista in … Read more

Hollywood Actress Anne Heche Involved in Car Crash in Los Angeles

Hollywood Actress Anne Heche

Hollywood Actress Anne Heche Gets Into Car Accident HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS ANNE HECHE – The 53-year-old Hollywood actress got into a car crash accident in Los Angeles. Some personalities in the showbiz industry did not only make a name in their home countries but across the globe. Usually, it is after a big break by playing … Read more