Heartwarming Video of a Boy and a Puppy Inside a Jeepney Goes Viral

boy and puppy

Boy cuddling with a puppy captivates the hearts of netizens ADORABLE MOMENT – A heartwarming video capturing a delightful moment between a child and a puppy inside a jeepney has gone viral on various social media platforms, captivating the hearts of viewers. The video, initially shared by a netizen named Louchi Estbel, rapidly gained immense … Read more

Playful Dog Steals Show During Football Game in Chile

playful dog

During a football match in Chile, a playful dog suddenly breaks into the game CHILE – A playful dog has stolen the show during a Premier Division football game. Dogs love playing ball because it taps into their instinctual behavior to chase and hunt, satisfying their innate drive. It also offers them significant physical exercise, … Read more

Security Guard Beats Dog to Death at Bacolod University

security guard beats dog

Dog beaten up to death by a security guard BACOLOD – A university security guard in the city found himself in deep trouble after allegedly beating a dog to death. Community Animal Rescue Efforts CARE, Inc., a non-profit organization, shared a horrifying incident involving a dog and a security guard from a university in Bacolod. … Read more

Dog Owner ‘Dismayed’ at Pet for Shredding her P500: “Yung dog food mo madami pa pero yung pasensya ko onti na lang”

dog shredding money

Dog owner expresses “disappointment” at pet for shredding her money SHREDDING – A dog owner took to social media sharing her “disappointment” after her pet shred her P500. Dogs, by nature, are curious and inquisitive animals that love to explore with their mouths. They use their mouths to investigate and interact with objects, including items … Read more

Dog Travels from Hong Kong to Turkey in Business Class Flight

business class flight

Business class flight for “Fifi” BUSINESS CLASS FLIGHT – A dachshund from Hong Kong has become an internet sensation after a video of the dog traveling to Turkey in business class flight became viral. The world is becoming more pet-friendly, and many people now want to take their furry friends with them when they travel. … Read more

Man Breakdown After “Losing” his 4 Dogs at the Airport

losing dogs in airport

After thinking he lost his 4 dogs at the airport, the owner couldn’t help but breakdown MISSING DOGS? – A furdad broke down after thinking he lost his four (4) dogs while stopping over at an airport in Instanbul, Turkey. A man who thought the airline had misplaced his four dogs was shown on camera … Read more