SSS Funeral Benefit Requirements You Must Submit in Filing Claim

SSS Funeral Benefit Requirements

Guide on the SSS Funeral Benefit Requirements Claim Application SSS FUNERAL BENEFIT REQUIREMENTS – The Social Security System requires the following documents in filing a Funeral Benefit claim. Undeniably, money works in almost every aspect nowadays — including dying. Not only that money is essential in the treatment of several diseases but is also a … Read more

Requirements for OWWA Scholarship Application to “EDSP”

Requirements for OWWA Scholarship Application to "EDSP"

Guide on the Requirements for OWWA Scholarship Application to EDSP Offer REQUIREMENTS FOR OWWA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION EDSP – Here are the documents needed in applying for the Education for Development Scholarship Program. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, popularly called OWWA, is one of the government entities that offer scholarships. One of the programs it has … Read more

CHED Scholarship Application Deadline — Here’s Guide for Aspiring Scholars…

CHED Scholarship Application Deadline

Update on CHED Scholarship Application Deadline for Aspiring Scholars this 2023 CHED SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE – Here is a guide for the students who aspire to be scholars of the Commission on Higher Education. The Commission on Higher Education, more popularly called CHED, is one of the state entities that offer scholarship to eligible students. … Read more

CHED Scholarship Courses in Health Profession Education

CHED Scholarship Courses

Guide on CHED Scholarship Courses Related in Health Profession Education Field CHED SCHOLARSHIP COURSES – Here are the Health Profession Education courses that you may take if you are a scholar of the Commission on Higher Education. A lot of underprivileged but deserving Filipinos were able to take their families out of poverty by graduating … Read more

PhilHealth Contribution Rate 2023: Here’s Monthly Premium for Members Earning P80,000 up

PhilHealth Contribution Rate 2023

Guide on PhilHealth Contribution Rate 2023 with P80,000 Monthly Income and Above PHILHEALTH CONTRIBUTION RATE 2023 – You can check the details below for a comprehensive guide on the premium rate for members earning P80,000 per month and above. In the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more popularly called PhilHealth, most Filipinos who cannot afford … Read more