VIDEO: Ysabel Ortega Reveals 3 Simple Things That Complete Her Day

Ysabel Ortega Reveals How She Unwinds

YSABEL ORTEGA – Kapuso actress and commercial model Ysabel Ortega revealed the three (3) simple things that complete her day.

    Ysabel Ortega is a talented Pinay actress and singer, celebrated for her performances in both television and film. Born on January 25, 1999, she is the daughter of renowned actress and singer Michelle Ortega and former senator, now Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Lito Lapid.

    Ysabel’s family’s involvement in the entertainment industry significantly influenced her career path. She began her acting journey with small roles in various TV dramas, achieving a major breakthrough with her role as Angela Stevens in the hit series “On the Wings of Love” in 2015.

    Photo Source: @ysabel_ortega IG

    One of her prominent projects includes the megaseries “Voltes V: Legacy,” in which she plays a leading role. This series, a live-action adaptation of the classic anime “Voltes V,” has garnered critical praise and received a Special Citation for Anime Live Action from the Otaku Choice Awards 2024.

    Photo Source: @ysabel_ortega IG

    To maintain her mental and physical well-being, Ysabel takes time to relax after her busy days. On Instagram, she posted a video of herself making a matcha latte. She starts by mixing matcha powder with warm water and whisking it, then sweetens it with honey and whisks again.

     She finishes by adding oat milk and ice, stirring it all together. Ysabel enjoys her latte while reading a book and spending time with her cherished dogs. She captioned her post, “Matcha, books, and my furbabies complete my day.”

    Watch the video below:

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