Ruffa Gutierrez Confirms Relationship w/ Herbert Bautista

Herbert Bautista, Ruffa Gutierrez Officially in a Relationship

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – The actress, after a few years of rumors, confirmed and spoke about her relationship with ex-politician Herbert Bautista.

Among the things that are inevitable in the lives of the celebrities are speculations and issues. In fact, countless headlines usually come before celebrity confirmations. Keeping things in private is a big challenge in most cases. Among those who are linked to each other for years now are Ruffa and Herbert.

Ruffa Gutierrez, Herbert Bautista

Herbert and Ruffa are linked to each other for several years now since 2020. Although there are rare sightings of the two celebrities. they’ve been teased several times and the hints in the previous statement of Ruffa’s mom Annabelle Rama triggered the rumors.

Annabelle Rama, Herbert Bautista

Recently, in a vlog interview with Karen Davila, Ruffa Gutierrez confirmed her relationship with Herbert Bautista, an actor and former politician. She was with her two (2) daughters, Lorin and Venice, during the interview.

Lorin and Venice are the daughters of Ruffa from her previous marriage with businessman Ylmaz Bektas. They got married in 2003 but their marriage lasted only for four years. The actress has the custody of their two (2) daughters.

Karen Davila, Ruffa Gutierrez and Daughters
Screengrabbed from YouTube/Karen Davila

Confirming her relationship with Herbert Bautista, Ruffa Gutierrez shared about their first date. According to the actress-beauty queen, her daughters were also present at their first date as he wants to meet them and make sure he’s okay with them.

“They were included on our first date. Very proper. Sinundo kami sa bahay tapos sinama ‘yung mga anak ko, sabi: ‘I wanna meet them and to make sure that they’re okay with him and everyone is comfortable,” the actress shared.

Ruffa expressed that she is always serious when it comes to being in a relationship. According to the actress, she will never go into a relationship that is not serious. Her daughters visibly support their relationships as they can see her happy.

During the interview, Venice described Herbert as a “lovely” and “nice guy” who suits her mother really well. She expressed that she is happy as long as her mother is happy. As for Lorin, she believes that there is a strong connection between her mother and Herbert as he has encouraged her to return to school and helped her as well.

Ruffa Gutierrez and Herbert Bautista’s relationship blossom from their closeness when they worked together in the 2020 movie The House Arrest of Us. It was during the pandemic when the movie was released. They played the role of a couple in the said movie.

Herbert Bautista and Ruffa Gutierrez, Kathryn Bernardo

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