Mother Aged 41 Gives Birth To Triplets with 61-Year-Old Partner

41-Year-Old Mother and 61-Year-Old Partner Welcome Triplets

MOTHER – Cecilia Macam, 41-years-old, gave birth to triplets with her 61-year-old partner, Romulo Perez, and they now have 16 children.

Families come in different types and sizes. There are those families with only three (3) members while there are those with more than five (5) children in the family. How about a sudden addition of three (3) children into the family with already 15 members?

Mother Gives Birth Triplets
Photo Courtesy of GMA Regional TV News

In Barangay Beda, San Carlos in the province of Pangasinan, a couple welcomed triplets into their already big family. The father is the 61-year-old Romulo Perez and the mother is Cecilia Macam, aged 41. Based on a report of GMA Regional TV News, they were already together for a year before she got pregnant.

Father Romulo Perez with Triplets Pangasinan
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Both Romulo and Cecilia are widows when they met. Each of them also have children from their previous relationships. Romulo has 7 children while Cecilia has 6 children. After welcoming the triplets, they now have 16 children all in all.

The mother gave birth to two (2) baby girls and a boy. The eldest is Althea and she often cries. The second-born is a boy boy named Altheo who is a happy baby. The youngest or the last to be delivered among the triplets was Athena, a silent baby.

Both Romulo Perez and Cecilia Macam treat their triplets as a huge blessing. According to the 41-year-old mother of the babies, it was really a surprise when she found out that she was pregnant with a triplets. She was 5 months pregnant when she found out that she was carrying three (3) babies in her womb.

Cecilia revealed that she felt heaviness in her womb and she can’t believe it at first when she found out that she is pregnant with triplets. She is happy that three (3) babies were given to her. However, there is also a huge challenge for her and her husband in providing for the needs of their triplets.

Father of Triplets
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Both the father and the mother are earning by making native baskets. As Althea, Altheo, and Athena grow bigger, their needs also increase most especially Altheo who loves drinking milk a lot. Meanwhile, the parents persevere and their wish is for their kids to grow into God-fearing, kind, and healthy individuals.

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