Malaysian Couple Dies in Car Accident, Mourning Parents Fulfill their Wedding

Parents of Deceased Malaysian Couple Hold Wedding of Late Children

Malaysian couple Yang Jingshan and Li Xueying died in a car accident in Perak leaving their parents mourning and fulfilling their wedding.

Most couples who are serious in their relationship have a common goal — getting married and settling down. It would be a different chapter to be living under the same roof and be legally connected to each other. However, unfortunately, not all couples get to the much-awaited big day which is the wedding day.

Malaysian Couple
Photo: SY Funeral

Among the couples who did not make it to their wedding were Malaysian couple Yang Jingshan and Li Xueying. Based on an article on Pep, they died in a car crash accident that took place last May 2024 in Malaysia.

Wedding Malaysian Couple
Photo: SY Funeral

The vehicle that Yang Jingshan and Li Xueying were aboard overturned along a road in Perak in the Northwestern part of Malaysia. Neither of them survived from the accident which left their families in deep grief.

Yang and Li were in a relationship for three (3) years already when the accident happened. The couple was supposedly set to fly to Thailand on June 2, 2024. Citing the information from China Press, Yang already had plans to proposed to his girlfriend.

Yang was an international referee for the Malaysia Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association. Li is a worker in a food processing factory in Malaysia.

Based on the article, Yang Jingshan planned to propose for marriage to Li Xueying on the day of his birthday which they will supposedly celebrate in Bangkok, Thailand. However, the wedding of the Malaysian couple did not anymore happen because of the accident.

Left in grief, the parents of the Malaysian couple decided to hold a wedding of their deceased children. They followed the long-banned Chinese tradition wherein deceased individuals are married by exhuming their remains and burying them together in a new grave.

The said Chinese tradition which existed several years ago is reportedly not anymore allowed in China. With regards to the wedding of the Malaysian couple, it was held in a funeral hall and they had a photo of the couple which was blessed for the ritual. The parents of Yang also referred to Li sa their daughter-in-law in the obituary.

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