Imelda Papin Believes Becoming PCSO Director Part of her Destiny

Singer Imelda Papin Appointed as PCSO Director

IMELDA PAPIN – The singer expressed her belief that becoming a PCSO director is part of her destiny as she recalled her previous experiences.

In the Philippines, millions of people play the lottery games conducted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office every day. More popularly called PCSO, it runs several minor and major lotto games which come with monetary prizes.

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Aside from conducting lotto games, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office also helps Filipinos in various means. One of which is through the PCSO Medical Assistance to the needy Filipinos who met health emergencies.

Recently, singer Imelda Papin was appointed to be one of the directors of the PCSO. She is very excited as she is elated to be back in public service again. According to the popular singer, she believes that it is really part of her destiny to become a director of the PCSO.

Imelda Papin
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In an interview at Mesa Restaurant in Quezon City, Imelda Papin recalled the experience when an old woman came to their house and looked for someone with a specific birthdate, January 26, which is her birthday. According to the singer, her mom called her and she saw the old woman who looked at her from head to toe.

Imelda Papin
Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

Based on an article on Pep, after staring at her from head to toe, the old woman told her that when she grows up, she will have millions of followers.

“Nung nakita niya ako, from head to toe ang tingin sa akin, ‘Itong batang ito ang bubuhay sa inyo. Paglaki nito, milyun-milyon ang magiging tagahanga,'” the singer said.

According to Imelda Papin, she was only 12 years old then. Based on the article, the singer also recalled her experience when the late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos tapped her on her back. Now, she believes that her job as a PCSO director is probably what the late President meant when he told her that he will give her something.

“Itong PCSO, probably this will be the start of that ano ni Presidente sa akin. Yung responsibility that he gave me,” she said.

Imelda Papin is one of the celebrities who loves helping to those who are in need like what was seen during previous typhoon devastations in the country. According to the singer, she is excited to be back in public service and she will really focus in the PCSO.

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