David Licauco Discusses Drawbacks Of Being A Popular Actor

David Licauco Discusses the Disadvantages of Being a Well-known Actor

DAVID LICAUCO – Kapuso actor David Licauco talked about the disadvantages of being a popular actor in the Philippines.

David Licauco revealed that while he enjoys being in front of the camera, the most difficult part of being an artist for him, as an introvert, is handling public attention. He told Inquirer Entertainment, “I find it hard to adjust to fame, especially because I’m an introvert. Since I will be talking with a lot of people during this media conference, I know this will take a lot of energy from me. I appreciate this kind of interview with you because it’s intimate.”

He added, “But when I’m at a mediacon, I change. If you see me there and notice that I’m talking nonsense, that means I’m already stressed. Being surrounded by a lot of people really stresses me out. I tend to open up when I’m in a more intimate setting,”

David Licauco
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The purpose of the Thursday press conference was to promote Catherine Camarillo’s romantic comedy “That Kind of Love,” which is David and his love team partner Barbie Forteza’s debut feature-length collaboration.

“I think there are two kinds of artists. The first does this for passion and the second treats it as work,” David began. “I don’t walk around feeling like I’m an artista, a celebrity. I look at this as work, that it’s not so different from the work of a doctor, for example. It just so happens that a big part of this particular kind of work is that people know me. I try not to let that get to my head.”

“Of course, I’m not perfect. If someone approaches me for a picture, I would obviously smile. But there were times when, in my mind, I would say, ‘I want some alone time!’ Of course, I understand where they are coming from. They don’t know that I’m tired, or that I suffer from sleep apnea, or that I’m an introvert,” he continued.

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David shared instances when people approached him during business meetings. “I understand that they’re not aware that a meeting is happening. They just know that I’m David, the artista. Of course, I’d say ‘yes’ to their request for pictures because I’m naturally friendly. I can’t tell them, ‘I’m busy, and so you can’t take pictures with me!’”

Despite these challenges, David feels “super blessed” to be in the industry. “Everything I earn from show biz work, I put in to my business ventures. With the kind of business I’m into, I need my show biz connections because I meet with big-time people. I’m not your typical businessman who started in a corporate setting. I need the artista image so people will take me seriously. Their impression of me changes when they talk to me,” he explained.

“I love acting so much, that’s why I really work hard to give my best in ‘Pulang Araw,’” he said of the war drama series he stars in with Barbie. “This has become my main career. I don’t think I’d be successful in my businesses without show biz.”

David already runs six restaurants around the nation and is currently working on opening a new location in Taguig.

“I love acting so much, which is why I work hard to give my best in ‘Pulang Araw,’” he said of the war drama series he stars in with Barbie. “Acting has become my main career. I don’t think I’d be successful in my businesses without showbiz.”

David now owns six restaurants across the country and is busy preparing a new branch in Taguig that will open soon.

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