Cynthia Villar Calls On Women To Embrace New Technologies For Economic Advancement

Cynthia Villar Encourages Women to Embrace New Technologies for Economic Advancement

CYNTHIA VILLAR – Senator Cynthia Villar advocates for women to embrace and incorporate new technologies to drive economic advancement.

Senator Cynthia Villar recently emphasized the urgent need for women to adopt and integrate new technologies to sustain economic progress, noting that nearly 90 percent of jobs will require digital skills by 2025.

During the 18th annual general assembly of the Philippine Federation of Local Councils of Women, Villar highlighted the crucial role of women in the digital era, encouraging them to become leaders, innovators, and key decision-makers in the digital economy.

Cynthia Villar
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Sen. Cynthia Villar reaffirmed the Senate’s dedication to tackling digital challenges and opportunities through legislation. She referenced several laws, including:

Republic Act 11293 (Philippine Innovation Act)

Republic Act 11337 (Innovative Startup Act)

Republic Act 11927 (Philippine Digital Workforce Competitiveness Act)

Republic Act 11967 (Internet Transactions Act)

Republic Act 11976 (Ease of Paying Taxes Act)

Senate Bill 2560 (Anti-Financial Account Scamming Act)

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Despite these legislative measures, Villar identified the gender digital divide as a major obstacle to women’s digital empowerment. Globally, 70 percent of men use the internet compared to 65 percent of women, and in low and middle-income countries, women are 15 percent less likely to use mobile internet. Only 24 percent of women worldwide enroll in information and communications technology (ICT) courses, contributing to a skilled worker shortage. In the Philippines, 30 to 40 percent of women enroll in ICT courses, which, while higher, is still insufficient.

Villar emphasized the urgent need to address this divide to fully leverage women’s potential in creating a strong digital economy.

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